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Some tips to feed your toddler baby
About the author
  • Child Specialist (Pediatrician),(Neonatologist)
  • posted on: 10 Apr 2012

 Set a good example yourself. Your child will tend to like to eat the same foods you enjoy.  

Make meal time fun and creative.

Use a variety of colors, tastes, textures and temperatures.  

Offer small portions since it is always better to offer again if needed.  

Never force your child to clean his plate. This can lead to unhealthy eating habits over time.  

Feed your toddler the same feeds you feed your family.  

Have your child sit at the dinner table with the family. Children learn by watching others.  

Purchase child size spoons and forks.

Children will gradually change from using their fingers, to using the spoons first and the fork later.   Buy child size plates with separate compartments. Some toddlers do not like when foods mix together.  

Cut food for your toddler into bite size pieces.  

Respect your toddler's likes and dislikes.

Gently encourage your toddler to try at least one bite of a new food. If the food is rejected today, offer it again next  week.

Research shows that you may have to offer a new food 10-20 times before your child likes it.   Offer foods in different forms.   Offer three regular meals and two to three planned snacks every day. Snack time should be at least two hours before the next meal time so your child is hungary for meals. Donot allow continuous snacking throughout the day.   Serve sweets and deserts occasionally as part of the meal. 

Enjoy happy meals with your  baby.

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