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Cancer screening means checking an individuals body for cancer before the symptoms develop.


Good screening would not be causing harm, but will provide useful health information. The aim of screening is early detection and hence complete cure...


 COMPLETE CURE   yes , cancer can be cured, if detected early, before it spreads, before symptoms appear.



Screening tests are offered both to general population (universal screening) and also to high risk people ie individuals who have a family history of cancer and so are at an increased risk of cancer (selective screening).


These tests may involve general or special blood tests, urine tests, endoscopy, mammography, sonography, pap smear, low dose helical CT and so on and so on.....the list may be long and exhaustive.

so wise it is, to visit an oncologist to customise tests according to your family history, family genetics, lifestyle and environment.



Here we offer a consultation with medical oncologist Dr. Amit Bhargava at Kama diagnostics

ultrasound and cancer clinic

for your cancer related querreis

avail the opportunity.


Timing 9 am to 12 noon.


Ph.  9313068008



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